Does your AFSL have your back?

Is your AFSL constantly looking to cover its own backside at your expense, lecturing you about how to run your business (or worse, putting obstacles in your way to cover itself)?

The biggest opportunity in financial planning in over 30 years is upon us. Is your AFSL helping you take full advantage…or slowing you down?

Part 1: The Why

Part 2: The What

Part 3: The How

Part 4: The When

Independent Financial Advisors Australia

Part 4: The When

There are financial advisers leaving the industry in droves right now, and they’re leaving because they don’t want to meet the new ethical, educational and independence standards. However for career advisers looking to build a valuable practice, we see this as the biggest opportunity in financial services in an entire generation.

If now’s not the right time, when is?!

Certainly we hope that you use the ten ‘IFA DNA’ steps from Part Two to create your vision of what your future business should look like. Together, these steps can give you a clear picture of where you are now, where you want to be, and specific milestones towards your vision.

There is a famous saying that at some point in your life you either have the things you want or the excuses why you don’t.

The question is: is your current AFSL a help or a hindrance to that goal?

What’s missing in your current AFSL?

Support, with a capital ‘S’?

Sure, the promise might be there of templates and software discounts and flexible APLs … but if your AFSL is aiming at the ‘lowest common denominator’ adviser who wants to pocket commissions and charge asset fees producing cookie-cutter advice, you could be forgiven for feeling like the square peg in a round hole.

The support of people who believe what you believe

Our role as an AFSL is to help you as an adviser to plug into our systems and people so you can get the support you need to build the business you’ve always wanted.

Do you qualify?

Talk to us today to see if there’s a fit.

The first genuinely independent Australian Financial Services Licence of its kind

Become conflict-free by joining the first Community of elite, genuinely Independent Advisers.

Contact us and explain where you’re at. We’ll tell you what you can do and give you a run down on what we see as your options. Have you had enough anxiety about being dragged into scandals you had nothing to do with? The next step is yours …


What does the AFSL provide?

That’s a long one. Certainly the things you’d expect such as document templates, research, the tech stack, and so on, but our real value add is our philosophy: we see our job as helping you build a great financial advisory practice. As an AFSL we are here to support the safety and success of our community of independent financial advisers.

Is your APL open or closed?

We don’t have one. Instead we have a Financial Product Research Policy, the ‘cardinal rule’ of which is “evidence first”. Most advisers tell us that this experience was like a new-found feeling of freedom coupled with an empowering sense of responsibility.

How complicated is it to change AFSLs?

The process from go to whoa can be as quick as a few weeks depending on variables like how many clients you have, the types of products you’re used to using, and how you collect your fees, among other things.

Do I have to change my business name?

No, you don’t have to change your business name. We believe that you should be supported to build your business and your brand, so that you and your clients can prosper.

Do you require us to send a new SoA to all clients?

No we don’t. Apart from exceptional circumstances, just changing Licensees is not grounds for having to reissue advice you already have on foot with your client.

How do I become genuinely independent?

There is a way. It’s actually not that complicated. But this industry makes it virtually impossible to do. We have done it and once you’ve seen the benefits of professionalism and enthusiastic client endorsement, you’ll never look back. We’ll show you how.

Join a community of independent financial advisers

There is a small but growing community of financial advisers who feels the way you do. We felt this way and blazed a trail. We can help you walk that same path but without the scratches and bruises.

We’re here to support your Safety and Success

Yes, we forged the path and have the battle scars to prove it. We can show you the path but don’t get the wrong idea, there’s work involved. This isn’t a luxury coachliner plying the highway to Easy Street. There is some hard work to do and you can’t job it out to anyone else. But here’s the support we can offer to make the journey as comfortable and direct as possible! The question is “are you ready?”

What are the benefits to becoming more professional in this way of independence?

  • You are no longer a product conveyor belt for the banks. You will have clients from all walks of life and from all points on the socio-economic spectrum. You can specialise if you like or you can remain a generalist, the choice is yours.
  • You will feel more professional. Now you get to focus on the problem, not the solution. Your ‘product’ is your intellectual property, the value you can add, rather than your investments or insurance policies.
  • No more sales. This is advice you’re providing, not sales you’re making.
  • You will get unsolicited calls from prospects. We haven’t done any advertising since we started. Our leads come from being members of the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers and from our new best friend, Mr Google.

How do I get started?

Contact us for a chat to explain where you’re at. We’ll tell you what you can do and give you a run down on what we see as your options.

Have you had enough anxiety about being dragged into scandals you had nothing to do with? The next step is yours …

The Roadmap

Part One: the why …

• What is an IFA?
• Why become an IFA?
• Exploding the myths around becoming an IFA.

Part Two: the what …

• What will your independent practice look like?
• What service do I do as an IFA?
• How do I articulate the value I provide?
• How do I price that service?

Part three: the how …

• There are three pathways – which is right for you?
• How your AFSL can help you or hinder you

Part Four: the when …

• Getting started – first steps
• Getting support from people who believe what you believe

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