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Eggplant and Beetroot: A Test of Toughness for Financial Planners

Too hungry for words last Friday afternoon, I found myself at the food court, hunting for the healthiest almost-healthy option. I front up to what I figure is the best of a bad bunch and the lady serving the ‘bbq’d meat and dip’ combo’ asks “Which dips do you want?”.

“Beetroot and eggplant, please.”

She promptly splats two portions of eggplant onto the plate. Realising her mistake she conceals the plate behind the counter, scrapes the excess eggplant back into the tub and proceeds to slop beetroot dip in its place. Great. Muddy beetroot.

“Which meat?” she asks?

Wincing: “Uh … chicken, please”.

At the checkout, I am greeted instead by a chicken, beef and lamb mix. With muddy beetroot to go with. Weak-as.

So here’s the point: your financial planning prospects are currently working with financial advisers who are slopping eggplant in the beetroot. Weak-as. Great opportunity. If you’re tough enough …

What if ‘sloppy beetroot girl’ had – instead of putting beetroot on top of eggplant – paused and said ‘I’m sorry, I was a million miles away. Let’s start that again, shall we?’, chucked out the muddy beetroot mess and started afresh, with a smile on her face? Customer for life! However as it stands, next time I’ll be going to the Mexican place.

Anyway, the point is this … The current legislative environment for financial planners is tough. Real tough. Never-before-type-of-tough. They say that tough times breed strong competitors.

As a financial adviser you can tread water while you wait for these times to pass … or you can dig deep and leverage these times to reinvent yourself. Rediscover the joy of being a financial planner! Use this never-before-type-of-tough to reveal your own reasons to jet-propel your business into its next phase of growth and joy. After all, what’s the alternative – get a few years older and have a couple of lame excuses why things are still the same?

You’ve got this!

It’s much easier, though, when you’re setting off on a fresh direction, with the right support. So look around you – who’s part of the problem and who’s part of the opportunity? Is your AFSL bringing you opportunities, investing in your business and opening pathways? Or is it trying to cover up the past with ‘look-back’ programs and increasing fees to cover draconian compliance measures aimed at the lowest common denominator? New horizons are much further away if your ‘partner’ is too busy covering their arse to do their part.

Here are four ideas that leverage this never-before-type-of-tough to get you started building the sort of practice you’ve always wanted – Download the eBook:

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